3 Pinterest-Worthy Workout Routines to Build Strength

If you find yourself wandering aimlessly around the gym, you’re not alone. With so many things to choose from, it can be hard to make a decision, much-less put together a full workout that will leave you feeling breathless.

Instead of going in without a plan, take one of these workouts with you. Pin them to your fitness board and pull it up when you get there. Don’t have a gym membership? You can perform these workouts at home with minimal equipment and space.

You can find more of my favorite workouts on Pinterest.

Upper-Body HIIT

Warmup—perform each movement twice, for 30 seconds each time.

  • Neck rolls
  • Arm swings
  • Shoulder rolls
  • Modified pushups
  • Jumping jacks

upper body HIIT

Full Body AMRAP

With an AMRAP, which stands for “As Many Reps As Possible,” you perform each exercise for the alotted number of reps, and then repeat the entire circuit until the total time—in this case, 15 minutes—is over. It’s an intense workout, perfect for days when you are running very low on time.

Warmup—perform each movement twice, for 30 seconds each time.


Full Body Burnout

Warmup—perform each movement twice, for 30 seconds each time.

full body burnout

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