8 Plank Variations to Spice Up Your Workout

Doing the same exercises time and time again is boring, not to mention you stop challenging your muscles if you don’t change or increase the challenge. Plank is the number one repeat offender—luckily, if you love this mainstay exercise, there are plenty of ways to get out of static plank and get more from the movement. Here are eight fun plank variations to challenge yourself.

Base plank form: In pushup position, with wrists directly below your shoulders and feet shoulder width apart. Your spine is making a straight line from your neck to your heels, hips rotated down.

1. Plank Rolls

In base plank form, simply roll up onto your toes and forward—your hips stay low—and then back. You should feel this across your entire abdomen, top to bottom and right to left.

plank roll

2. Spiderman Plank

From basic plank position, lift your right leg and touch your knee to your right elbow. Repeat on the other side to complete one repetition.


3. Flyers

From basic plank position, lift your right leg and left arm straight out in front and behind you. Repeat on the other side to complete on repetition.


4. Hip Dips

From basic plank position, rotate your hips to the right, tapping the ground with your right hip. Rotate back up and over to the left side, tap your left hip onto the ground and repeat.

butt dips

5. Shoulder Taps

Stay in basic plank position, brace your core to maintain balance, and touch your right hand to your left shoulder. Do the same on the other side. You’ll notice that the wider your feet are, the easier it is to balance. Challenge yourself by bringing your feet closer together. The goal is to keep your hips from swaying too much as you tap each side.

shoulder taps

6. Plank Jacks

Stay in basic plank position and jump your feet out to the sides at the same time, like you would in jumping jacks. To modify, you can tap each foot out to the side, one at a time.

plank jacks

7. Plank Up-Downs

From basic plank position, lower yourself down onto your right forearm, then lower down onto your left forearm so you’re in a complete forearm plank. Then push up with your right hand, then with your left, so you’re back into full basic plank.

plank up down

8. Plank Crunch-Throughs

From basic plank, bring your right knee toward your chest and your left arm below your body, so the elbow and knee touch—the crunch. Repeat on the other side to complete one repetition.

cross body crunch

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8 Plank Variations to Spice Up Your Workout

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