10 Super Easy Ways I Practice Self Love Every Day

I talk a lot about self love on this blog because it’s important to me. As an active member of social media and the fitness industry, I know self love doesn’t come naturally to many of us—it’s only just started to be my immediate reflex now; after three long years of making an effort to practice self love every single day.

Whether I’m giving myself a compliment or choosing to do something because it makes me happy, I actively work toward this goal. If it’s something you want to be better at too, check out how you can bring more self love to your life.

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I ask for what I need.

Instead of waiting for someone to give it to me, I ask. We have a tendency of thinking everyone else is more important than us, but that’s not true. If you need help, love, a friend, a shoulder to cry on, or a night to forget about a bad work week, ask for it.

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I start my mornings nice and slow.

While not everyone has the option to do this, there’s always a way to slow your morning down. Take five minutes to stretch or simply sit on your couch with coffee before running out the door. You’ll be amazed at how much better your day feels.

I compliment myself.

Not just on my looks, but when I do something great with work or have an awesome session with a client. Most importantly, I compliment myself when I feel like I have no self love to give. Make it up, if you have to, but do it.

I (try) to only do things that make me happy.

It can be easy to want to go with the flow, or not miss out on something fun with friends. But if you need a night to relax or an afternoon alone on the couch with music, then give yourself that. If you can’t have exactly what you want, find a way to modify. Maybe a walk around the blog at 2p.m. is the substitute for laying on the couch. Just pop in your headphones and go.

I ask myself: What do you want?

Instead of forcing myself to go to the gym if I don’t want to, I stop and say, “Well, what do you want?” Often it’s a yoga class instead, or a long bike ride. This applies to nearly everything in life.

I make room for vulnerability.

This was something I worked on in therapy for a long time. Now, I allow myself to cry if I want to cry. Sometimes, it’s exactly what you need to move past the moment and find a solution.

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I tell people when I’m upset.

Instead of holding it in, and allowing anger or sadness to manifest, I bring it up. Non-confrontational may be thinking, “Yeah, that’s never gonna happen.” But this doesn’t have to be confrontational. Simply saying, “I was super bummed about that,” and keeping it focused on how YOU feel, rather than accusing, changes the situation entirely. The best part: you’ll feel great getting your feeling out.

I ask questions.

When I’m upset or anxious, I start asking questions. When you get to the kernel of what’s going on, you can address it in a loving and effective manner. Instead of trying to “stress less at work” maybe you realize you just need to stop checking emails at night, which is bringing on the extra load of stress.

I (try) to trust my body.

This is one of the biggest challenges as I have as I try to practice self love. Our bodies are ever-changing and can look and feel completely different from one day to the next. I work very hard at reminding myself that to love my body means to love all of it, all the time—on its worst days and its best. Trusting that this fluctuation is not only normal, but totally okay, is a challenge worth pushing through.

I talk to myself like someone who loves me.

It took a very long time to get here, but with A LOT of practice, I’ve come to have a very kind inner dialogue. It may sound funny, but I call myself babycakes or hunnie or babe and I use only kind words.

When I’m feeling down on myself, I might say, “It’s okay babe, you know you’re just working through something. Don’t stress and trust that it will all work itself out. You’re awesome, remember that.” It’s incredible how your self talk changes when you start to think this way.

How do you practice self love? Bring these simple ideas into your every day life and see if you start to feel kinder and more loving toward yourself.

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