Full Body Couples Workout for You and Your S.O.

Make a boring workout more fun by grabbing a partner and running through this couples workout.

Repeat 3 to 5 times, 10 to 15 reps each. 

  • Plank High Fives
  • Medball Pass w/ Squats
  • Crunch Passes
  • Assisted Pistol Squat
  • Leg Press
  • Partner Leg Drop
  • Wheelbarrow Pushup w/ Squats
  • Side Plank High Five

Check out all the exercises below!

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Plank High Fives

Get into plank position facing one another. Lift right arms, high five, return to start. Repeat on each side for intended number of reps.

Med Ball Pass w/ Squat

Crunching person lays on the ground with a medicine ball in hand. Squatter gets into position. Cruncher lifts up and passes ball to squatter, who holds while cruncher goes back down and comes back up to retrieve it.

Make it a little hard and have the squatter do a squat each time the cruncher does a crunch.

Crunch Passes

Both people lay down flat, arms over head. One person holds medicine ball, both crunch up, the ball gets passed and both lay back down. Repeat, passing the ball back and forth and crunching between each pass.

Assisted Pistol Squat

Assister holds the squatters hands as they lower down into a pistol squat. Rise back to the start and repeat for allotted number of reps. Switch roles and repeat.

Leg “Press”

One person lays on the ground while the other leans onto their feet like a weight. The leg presser pushes legs up to straight (not quite depicted in GIF below), repeating until all reps are completed. Switch positions and repeat.

Partner Leg Drops

One person lays on the ground and raises legs so standing person can push them down. Brace core to control the fall and then raise both back up to be pushed down again. Switch roles and repeat.

Wheelbarrow Pushup w/ Squat

One person gets into plank position and standing person grabs legs. Together, both people go down into pushup and squat, return to start and repeat.

Side Plank High Five

Both people get into side plank position, back-to-back. Start with arm extended into air, brace abs and reach down between your arm to high five the person behind you. Return to start and repeat.


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